Digital Re-engineering and Capability

Achieve results to drive operational performance 

We fulfil your knowledge and digital skills shortages, integrating seamlessly with your existing teams on the strength of our digital re-engineering and capability services.

software developer involved in delivering digital services
software developer involved in delivering digital services
  • Digital Re-engineering

    Take your digital programmes to the next level with our technical expertise. From cloud engineering to feature teams, we help you deliver high quality services and solutions at pace. Our expertise encompasses:

    • Application Development
    • Cloud Engineering
    • Architecture and Design
    • Azure operations 
    • AWS services as an AWS-certified partner
    • Digital Re-engineering
  • Digital Capability

    We'll accelerate your journey to real achieve digital success and an exciting new future. So you can innovate your products and services, Exception enables you to re-imagine your technologies and processes. Benefit from our vast expertise in digital strategy and digital re-engineering. You'll benefit from:

    • Digital Architecture and Design
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Adoption
    • Data Migration
  • Digital Workplace

    Boost your workplace efficiency by adopting Smarter Working practices through our Digital Workplace Solutions. From digital discovery to delivery, Exception is an experienced UK digital workplace consultant.

    We'll enable you to innovate to a Digital Workplace model, maximising your use of technologies such as Microsoft 365 (M365) to transform your work environments so they're fit for the future.

    Exception can also build out your digital teams with skilled professionals through our digital transformation consultancy.  


  • Discovery & Alpha

    You need a solid foundation to start your Digital Engineering journey. Exception will take your through your Discovery and Alpha agile lifecycle. Whether you want a partner to manage to deliver your project phases or require expertise to extend your existing digital team, we'll work with you. You'll benefit from:

    • Agile Digital Discovery and Digital Assessment to apraise any Technical Debt and align with organisational direction and digital aspirations 
    • Digital Roadmap, setting out your long-term digital strategy
    • Proof of Concept (POC) to assess project viability to ensure they receive optimum stakholder buy in and continuity
    • Adoption and Change Management (ACM) to drive digital engagement

Our Approach

So that can scale at pace and your solve technical digital skills gaps, Exception will work with you, giving you the capability and capacity. We'll deliver your Digital Roadmap efficiently and quality-assured to start you off on the best path to success. 

  • Service Management & Delivery

    So you can achieve your Digital Innovation, we'll work with you ensuring consistent high quality service delivery, always seeking to bring new and fresh ideas. Throughout our Digital Engagement process, our teams access 100% of the Exception's capability and resources. You'll benefit from our vast and experienced knowledge pool. 

  • Performance & Reporting

    To assure your success, we agree your onboarding, service plans and key measures from day one. Our onboarding and integration process will ensure all team members understand their roles and responsibilities to achieve the earliest productive start.

  • Review & Change

    We provide the flexibility for you to scale up or down, adapting to your unique digital project goals. Working together and regularly reviewing the service, we'll evaluate your changes required. This may include extending capability, transferring skills, responding to new capabilities swiftly or ensuring a smooth exit.

  • Innovate & Add Value

    So you can upskill and build out your digital teams, our collaborative approach ensures knowledge transfer. Well present new ideas, sharing knowledge to add real value to your organisation.

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