Better digital performance for better UK policing

As a Digital Specialist to policing for 17 years, Exception enables UK-wide forces to meet the aspirations of the Police Vision 2030 and National Policing Digital Strategy. 


Our digital transformation and consulting services makes the police sector as successful as possible, enhancing their digital performance. We're very proud that we've already helped six UK police forces to transform digitally.


Exception brings together police-focused technology, people and processes to achieve real digital change within your own force, with other forces and the wider justice sector.

How will we solve your challenges?

Your UK police force will benefit in so many ways: Exception has added significant digital value to police divisions since 2006.


Aligning with Police Digital Services, we always prioritise the most valuable and cost-effective way to achieve real digital change.


Our certified-specialisms will enable you to:

  • Optimise your use of digital technologies to facilitate more efficient and effective policing, through Roadmaps developed with PDS initiatives and wider industry trends
  • Maximise usage of data and information to provide greater interoperability within your own force, others, the justice sectors and wider stakeholders e.g. the NHS and Local Authorities
  • Drive your innovation in areas such as Digital Workplaces e.g. as a M365 Smarter Working Specialist to optimise working environments, excelling the best use of your technologies
  • Help build out your digital teams and digital skills with our accredited and security-cleared professionals   

UK police forces we have helped

Exception’s digital consultancy ethos is "police first", "digital second." This gives your UK police force a distinct benefit; other digital specialists often prioritise technology over people and processes to transform digitally.


We have achieved successful digital transformation for Six East Midlands Regional forces, Humberside and City of London Police by:

  • Playing a critical role migrating Case and Records management systems to the cloud, supporting digital adoption
  • Enabling ICT service transition, guiding the process, ensuring successful ICT projects and driving forward technology decisions 
  • Developing a 3-year Digital and Data Strategy and Technology Roadmap to support the recruitment of a Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Establishing an Enterprise Design Authority to ensure effective architectural oversight and design governance

Here's how we can work together

Engaging with Exception is easy so you can succeed in your digital journey. As an AWS-certified partner, we understand the policing environment better than many, and can achieve your outcomes ahead of the rest by:

  • Creating a Digital Roadmap, maximising the best return against your budgets and providing the optimum forward path for ICT modernisation
  • Devising an Implementation Plan to deliver your agreed Digital Plan to bring real value back to your UK police force
  • Working with any suppliers, as you wish, as we are vendor independent, protecting your investment in the work we do   


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