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Our Cloud services provide your organisation with the skills, tools and expertise to develop, migrate and run your data and applications securely on the cloud. 


cloud engineer working on a cloud transformation project on his laptop
cloud engineer working on a cloud transformation project on his laptop
  • Data Integration as a Service

    Gain invaluable insight by consolidating data on the cloud from disparate sources, providing the flexibility to access your data as and when you need it while freeing you from the restrictions and costs of traditional systems integration.

  • Legacy Apps Discovery

    Understanding your legacy systems and the options to migrate are key to a successful cloud transformation strategy. We provide the expertise and tools to perform a technical analysis on your legacy system so that you can understand the options and identify the optimum cloud migration route for your organisation before you embark on any expensive apps development.

  • Cloud Migration

    Migrate your legacy data and systems onto a cloud environment that is robust, scalable and secure. We help you to understand your legacy systems and data, identify the optimum route for migration, with our cloud architects working closely with you to understand which workloads to migrate, when and how.

  • Cloud Management

    Our services are designed to save you time, freeing up your valuable staff to focus on where they are most needed, reduce your operating costs wherever possible and ensuring you have the optimum level of support to reduce any operational risks that you may face.

  • SaaS Data Management

    In a time when SaaS solutions are becoming more and more prevalent, the management and control of company data requires specialist expertise. Exception ensures that your data is secure and accessible while also mitigating the risk of SaaS provider failure, data loss and malicious data removal.

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