Serverless benefits

Turbocharge your digital innovation with AWS serverless technology 

Accelerating your solutions and services is vital in today's fast-moving competitive landscape. And this is driven by the ability to innovate at pace.   

Serverless technology empowers your organisation to achieve all these and much more. 


Is the technology right for you?


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Realise your digital vision for new initiatives

As a CIO, planning a cloud migration or transformation demands time and knowledge. It can be daunting. The great part is that we’ll start you off on that journey towards digital success.


We’ll help you to:

  • Shift your Total Cost of Ownership and Digital Investment on returning business value, not ICT maintenance
  • Iterate and incrementally develop your digital solutions to get to market and experiment faster
  • Capitalise on your organisation's data using low-cost of entry serverless data platforms
  • Enable a Digital Workplace with business productivity gains using serverless RPA, AI, IOT or Robotics platforms
  • Transform your Digital Business Change services around a serverless-first approach


Boost the use of your existing cloud technology

A strategic objective of a CTO is leveraging the full power of the cloud to achieve efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver more innovative services.


We’ll help you to:

  • Optimise operational efficiencies of your existing Cloud IaaS technologies
  • Increase your reliability with self-managing platforms to meet your SLAs and KPIs
  • Increase sustainability by removing technical debt and refresh of Legacy Applications
  • Utilise well proven capabilities to secure your data and systems
  • Scale out automatically to meet business demand when needed
  • Transition to a Target Operating Model based on Automation and IT Productivity to be more cost effective


Start with our Serverless Adoption Framework

Advance your innovation, agility and development speed to achieve maximum performance at minimal operating costs.


To get you there, our AWS-certified team will take you through the first stage of our Serverless Adoption Framework (SAF). We'll work with you to discover the best options for you to innovate, detailed in an Action Plan designed for your organisation. 


The SAF begins with our three-stage process:   


Serverless Feasibility Review


It all adds up to boosting value to your organisation and releasing at a pace you never imagined possible. 


Get much more work done and at much less wasted resource.


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