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Shaping a new Digital Future at Magnox


Magnox, a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, is responsible for the safe and secure clean-up of 12 nuclear sites and the operation of one hydro-electric plant.

Magnox was at a critical juncture in its development following a change of ownership with a refreshed mission and objectives aimed at accelerating its de-commissioning programme. The senior management team identified a need for an advisory consulting service to help define and align a forward Digital strategy to the revised business strategy and identify how project delivery could be improved and enhanced.

How We Help

Our team of experts engaged with key stakeholders across the Magnox business including IT, Decommissioning Operations, Waste Management Operations, and other Business Support functions, through structured interviews and workshops. Through this we gained an acute understanding of the organisation and its challenges, enabling us to advise how Digital technology could be better harnessed by Magnox and how programme delivery could be optimised through improved planning, governance, and control.

Once Magnox had defined it’s transformation roadmap and digital strategy, they further engaged Exception to establish and support several critical workstreams including Architecture & Design, Technology Adoption & Change Management, and Programme Governance (PMO).

Magnox now has a clearer Digital strategy aligned to it mission and objectives and is successfully executing a well architected, planned, and controlled IT transformation programme. Exception continues to work closely with Magnox to deliver on their strategic objectives and drive their digital agenda forward.


“Exception’s support has been critical to the delivery of our Digital Transformation strategy and their team has been invaluable in supporting vital elements of our work in upgrading key systems and adopting cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365.”

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