Exception is an IT Consultancy and Services company that collaborates with many of the UK’s largest companies and government organisations to solve their IT and Digital challenges effectively.


Digital Government – It’s All about You!

Most of us recognise the impact made by the widespread advent of the internet; it meant no longer having to walk from shop to shop to nail the best prices or having to sit for hours in the travel agents to secure that well-earned fortnight in the sun.  But, as we know, the attraction to […]

July 27th 2016

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Adopting DevOps in the Enterprise

DevOps is receiving considerable market attention and it can sometimes seem that a relatively new concept has moved up the enterprise IT agenda almost overnight. In reality, DevOps practices have been deployed successfully by cloud and software vendors for many years, where integrated software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams collaborate on a continuous delivery process. […]

July 18th 2016

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"We chose Exception because they could provide an independent view backed by capability and expertise. Their team engaged quickly, delivering the outputs required in very challenging timescales."

"Exception’s commitment to quality, their solid experience and their ability to work with others made a major contribution."