Digital Transformation

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Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, we have the tools, accelerators and expertise to drive your digital strategy forward. Our digital transformation services help you design, build and implement solutions that improve productivity, streamline processes and enhance performance.

Discovery and ideation session for a digital transformation project
Discovery and ideation session for a digital transformation project
  • Intelligent Client

    Intelligent Client is designed to support organisations that require additional skills, knowledge or expertise to readily achieve their IT objectives.

    Our team of talented consultants work collaboratively with you to deliver your digital initiatives and programmes. Our expertise includes:

    • Digital Strategy Creation
    • Digital Programme Delivery & Assurance
    • Discovery & Alpha
    • Architecture and Design solutions
    • Programme Management Office
    • Cloud Transition and Management
  • Discovery & Alpha

    Whether you are looking for a partner to manage the delivery of these project phases or require specialist expertise to extend your existing team, Exception will work with you to deliver through the application lifecycle.

  • Service Design

    Our skilled service designers help organisations apply design thinking and design methodologies to deliver intuitive, engaging interactions and experiences. We help you ensure that your digital products and services are human centred, fit for purpose and deliver maximum value for your business, customers and stakeholders.

  • DevOps

    Our DevOps service supports organisations to modernise architectures, working practices and drive cultural change to help them achieve agility, improved stability, cost reduction and maintain competitive advantage. Whether you require advice on your DevOps strategy, implementation support or are looking for specialist DevOps practitioners to embed as part your existing team, Exception help you deliver high quality digital products and services at pace.

  • Architecture & Design

    Exception’s expert consultants will ensure that your system architecture and design is scalable, robust and secure.

  • Agile Development

    Exception offer an end-to-end agile development service tailored to your individual needs, following industry standards and utilise scaling agile frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS.

  • Automation (RPA)

    Leverage the power of technology to streamline your business processes, reduce cost, enhance compliance as well as increasing the overall efficiency of your organisation.

    We will help you to:

    • Identify processes to automate that will deliver maximum value
    • Plan an effective automation strategy
    • Integrate systems and processes, making your business more efficient and effective
  • Digital Workplace

    We are an experienced digital workplace consultancy and delivery partner and will support you to deliver a solution that empowers your team, increases productivity and allows your staff to effectively work from anywhere.

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