Enhanced technical capability - we have AWS Advanced Partner status  

We are delighted to announce that we have been accredited with Advanced Partner Status by Amazon Web Services (AWS), further reinforcing our credibility and technical expertise in delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Exception’s advanced certification complements our existing AWS Lambda and Public Sector specialisms, qualifying us inside the top 20 elite UK AWS partners - all with this combined status.

Our wider accreditation means we can also enable our customers and business to be even more sustainable than using on-premises infrastructure, with AWS technologies having a strong focus on energy efficiency. This suits Exception's own company commitment towards achieving Net Zero and by being active in the community and investing in carbon reduction initiatives.

Delivering expert AWS-accredited solutions

Alasdair Hendry, Exception’s Managing Director, says: “Our certification proves our ability to deliver expert AWS solutions to our clients so we can continue to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction. This accreditation, along with existing AWS certifications, enables us to access a wider range of resources and support from AWS, assuring customers of certainty in delivery.”


Exception AWS Advanced Partner


Exception AWS Advanced Partner

Exception brings greater business value with AWS Lambda serverless technologies

Our AWS Advanced Partner status adds even greater value to our AWS partnership accreditations, which notably includes Public Sector and AWS Lambda specialisms. The latter is an event-driven compute service that runs code for almost any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers.

Most importantly, serverless provides speed to application development, so that products can be released to market or as a service rapidly and iteratively. Further benefits are reduced development and operational costs, while pay-for-value billing means that resource is deployed as and when and where it’s required.

Serverless is sustainable by design: this means technologies automatically scale from zero to peak demands so organisations can adapt to meet customer and users’ needs faster than ever.

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