Transform to new levels with our Serverless Adoption Framework

Exception is addressing industry demand for speed to application development and the drive to prioritise  Digital Budgets, following the launch of its new Serverless Adoption Framework (SAF).  

Under the framework, our AWS-certified team will provide an assessment to enable public and financial sector organisations to discover their best options to boost their digital innovation, and how to maximise their use of idle technologies and the cloud. 

Key framework benefits 

Exception’s Serverless Adoption Framework (SAF) enables CIOs and CTOs to discover how they can advance their digital transformation, agility and speed to deployment to achieve maximum technology performance at minimal operating cost. 

To achieve this, Exception takes organisations through the first stage of the framework, enabling them to identify their optimum journey to innovate, detailed in an Action Plan specifically designed for their individual transformational goals.  

Serverless technology can transform the way organisations develop and release products and services at pace, adding value back into their operations by boosting resource efficiency. Also known as Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), serverless enables Digital Teams to build and run applications and services at significantly less development and operating costs.

Effectively, this means they can do much more with much less resource. 

The SAF starts with our three-stage process:  

Exception Serverless Adoption Framework (SAF) Three Stage Process

Confidence through our AWS certifications and serverless experience 

Exception’s clients have already benefitted significantly on the strength of our cloud-first serverless technology solutions. From helping our customers such as Invent Design Build to deliver an MVP product in just eights weeks, to modernising a data management system for the Drinking Water Quality Regulator, the framework is backed by Exception’s proven AWS expertise and experience. 

Exception has recently been designated a "Top Key Player in the Global Serverless Architecture Market" (Verified Market Reports). This accolade reinforces our Advanced, Lambda and public sector certifications – as an existing AWS certified partner since 2019.  

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