The emergence of digital technologies combined with increased customer service expectations makes testing and quality assurance more challenging and important than ever before. The extraordinary impact digital is having on the way businesses interact with their employees, customers and each other is pushing every organisation to rethink its approach to testing. No longer a supporting capability, testing is now a strategic driver of competitive differentiation. Exception’s independent testing and quality assurance services help organisations address these challenges. Our testing methods are well structured and easily adaptable. We deploy modern testing techniques and tools such as requirements validation and traceability, risk-based testing, automated test design and processes to support agile test models.

Business Testing

We provide a full portfolio of business testing services, which range from advice and support through to a full managed service. Our services have been developed to help organisations independently assure that the system or application being delivered is functionally and operationally fit for use and behaves as expected. We achieve this by offering end to end test services that reduce the risk of any testing gaps arising from User Acceptance Testing, Customer Acceptance Testing or Model Office Testing. We also manage or support you through Live Proving phases or Pilots. We have successfully applied our Business Test  services for a range of situations across different sectors.

Test Management & Delivery

Our extensive delivery experience has allowed us to develop a deep insight into best practice test delivery approaches and how these are applied to support business change. Drawing on extensive practical experience and an exceptional pool of talent, we are ideally placed to support the successful delivery of your testing activities across all aspects of the test lifecycle. This includes setting up appropriate test governance and structures, defining test strategies, implementing experienced test management teams, defining test and resourcing plans and undertaking functional and non-functional testing throughout the project lifecycle.

Environments and Data Management

Many organisations maintain permanent test environments to support the on time delivery of projects. Managing these environments and the associated data requirements, consistently and efficiently across the testing lifecycle for multiple projects can be costly and time consuming. Growing complexity in systems architecture and increasing demands on test environments only add to the challenge. Our test environment and data management services provide the additional expertise required to design and implement fit for purpose test environments, manage data effectively and identify the level of test environment support required to ensure effective test execution.

Test Consultancy

Exception’s Test Consultancy provides a range of advisory and support services to our customers.  This includes test strategy definition, test tool implementation, test audits, test process initiatives or quality assurance of programmes, projects or processes. Our test consultant’s work with you to understand and assess your individual challenges and requirements and then deliver a tailored service to meet your specific needs.  Our Test Consultancy services can be  delivered as individual engagements or as part of broader assignment with specific delivery objectives.