In order to maintain competitive advantage organisations need to be able to transform their IT while continuing to deliver great service. Delivering change can be complex and sometimes you may need extra support. Exception offers a range of innovative and flexible managed service solutions that can help bridge the gap between what you can do and what you need to do for long-term success. By placing people with the right skills in the right role during the initiation stage of major change initiatives, execution quality can be enhanced while also reducing the time-to-market for products and services.

As an independent provider we develop delivery based partnerships to ensure the best possible service for our customers.  Our managed services are flexible, scalable and designed to meet specific customer needs.  We provide services and expertise across a broad range of IT skills including infrastructure technical disciplines, application development, software testing, technical design and project management.

Capability Managed Service

Capability based Managed Services provide a defined skill set or team of skilled resources where management accountability resides with Exception. Typically deployed to support programmes, projects or a functional area our variable cost model allows you to raise or lower your resources in response to need.

Project Augmentation 

Our Project Augmentation services provide skilled resources that work under your direction to support a project or programme for an agreed period of time. We provide medium to long term on-site team resourcing for the lifecycle of a specific customer programme or project.

Flexible Resourcing 

We can provide experienced, skilled and competitively priced flexible resources to help you meet your short-term business objectives. Your business may benefit from our Flexible Resourcing services to fulfil a specific project requirement, supplement existing resources, or backfill existing resources during periods of significant demand.

Outcome Based Managed Services

As part of an Outcome Based service there is a commitment to delivering an ‘outcome’ at a defined price as opposed to the provision of resources to undertake activities. Our Outcome Based Managed Services provide dedicated project management, technical resourcing and assurance to deliver a defined scope of work to an agreed set of success criteria.